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All fees due from the following forms may be paid by cash, check or money order ONLY. Checks may be made payable to:

City of Bowling Green
104 E. Main St.
Bowling Green, FL 33834

Business Registration app   – Any business /contractor wishing to conduct work within the city limits must be registered with the City Clerk’s office.

Occupational License Price List FY22.23 – List of business categories for potential businesses. For any questions, please call City Hall at (863) 375-2255

Sign Off  – If you live within the city limits, sign offs are required before you may pull a permit at the Hardee County Building and Zoning office. A sign off is also required before you install a fence on the property.

Park Rental Form– To rent a pavilion at one of the parks in town (Pyatt, Harrington-Liston, or Centanino). Rental Fee: $75.00 Tax: $5.25 Refundable Deposit: $50.00 (Total: $130.25)

Facility Rental Policy – Rules of renting a pavilion.

RENTAL AGREEMENT Community Center – To rent the community center at Pyatt Park. Please read over the rules prior to making a request. For eight (8) hours: $250.00 rental fee, $17.50 tax, $100.00 deposit ($367.50 total). For four (4) hours: $150.00 rental fee, $10.50 tax, $100.00 deposit ($260.50 total).

Community Center Alcohol Addendum – For renters looking to serve alcohol at their event. Event Insurance will be required. Alcohol may not be sold at the facility under any circumstances.

Utility Registration– New residents may print and fill this form out to request utility services. Completed forms may be emailed to ctorres@bowlinggreenfl.org or taken to City Hall (104 E. Main St., Bowling Green, FL 33834).


Code Enforcement RFP

Management Reports

Management reports are provided for the public and City Officials to get an insight on the day-to-day operations of the City and what each department has been working on for the week. Management reports are currently being provided on a weekly basis.


Zika Virus Information

SWFMD Water Conservation Information

Saving Water Indoors

COBG Zoning Map

Complete Bowling Green LDC 11-10-15


2021 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Informe Anual de Calidad de Agua Potable 2021

2020 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Informe Anual de Calidad de Agua Potable 2020

2019 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Informe Anual de Calidad de Agua Potable 2019

2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Informe Anual de Calidad de Agua Potable 2018


2021/22 Financial Statements

2020/21 Financial Statements

2019/20 Financial Statements

2018/2019 Financial Statements

2017/2018 Financial Statements

2016/2017 Financial Statements

2015/2016 Financial Statements

2014/2015 Financial Statements

2018/2019 Budget Summary

2018/2019 Utility Rates

2018/2019 Solid Waste Rates

2019-20 City of Bowling Green Budget

2019.20 Proposed Utility Rates

2019.20 Proposed Solid Waste Rates

2020/21 Proposed Budget

2021-22 Proposed Budget

FY 21-22 Adopted Budget-revised


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Pyatt Park – Conceptual Master Plan Sketch_01-22-2021

Centanino Commerce Park