Public Works/Sanitation

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Public Works Supervisor – Hunter Brummett


The Public Works Department is dedicated to providing the City of Bowling Green with a reliable public infrastructure system that protects the safety, health and welfare of its citizens. It is responsible for the maintenance of water distribution system, streets, sidewalks, traffic signals, signs and storm drainage systems within the public right-of-way. We are committed to providing our citizens with these services in an affordable and efficient manner.

The City of Bowling Green’s Sanitation Department is responsible for limb pick up for residential customers.

Pick up schedule
Garbage Pickup:

Tuesday Garbage Pickup East

Thursday Garbage Pickup on West

Container Placement and Product Disposal Procedures:
To better serve you, the following shall apply:
Residential type containers – all garbage must be bagged and placed in a City approved container
(cart/hobo); loose garbage will not be collected; place container curbside no later than 7:00 a.m. on
pickup day and no earlier than 5:00 p.m. the day before the scheduled collection time; remove
immediately following collection, but in any event, no later than 10:00 a.m. the next day. When
containers are not properly placed for collection or removed from the curbside location and hidden from                                                                                                                      public view following disposal, a $8.71 fee, per incident, will be levied against the customer of record,
after the first such occurrence.

Yard Wast:

1st Wednesday Limbs East

2nd Wednesday Limbs West

Volume of Product Yard Waste
1 scoop/month (not to exceed 4 inches in diameter) N/C
Each additional scoop/month $11/each scoop/month
More than 5 yards up to 10 yards $48.87
More than 10 yards up to 15 yards $78.59
More than 15 yards up to 20 yards $99.52
Additional Yard over 20 $5.95 per yard

Yard Waste: to not exceed 2 items do not mix these materials; separate and place materials in two
piles; piles are to be placed curbside in an area free of poles, fences, low hanging wires, tree limbs,
and other obstructions, to ensure disposal vehicle access. Leaves and small clippings must be
bagged. Mixed piles will not be collected until the piles are separated and a request for return services is
received from the customer. The placement of trash, leaves or litter or dumping or placement of any
material on the City streets, alleys, rights-of-way, and public-owned land which has not been placed in a
proper container suitable for the expedient and safe removal of the material or item by the City is
prohibited, and the City shall not collect or remove such item except for purposes of public health and
safety.(b)This section shall not apply to palm fronds and branches or other garden trash which cannot be
practically placed in a container. Should City personnel have a need to separate horticulture and non-
horticulture materials, the customer of record will be assessed a minimum fee of $24.08 plus actual labor
costs, per occurrence.



Utility Billing – Stacy Mendoza

Go here to set up utilities service, get info on paying your bill, contact our utilities staff, or get contact info for electric service in the area.

Utility Registration– New residents may print and fill this form out to request utility services. Completed forms may be emailed to or taken to City Hall (104 E. Main St., Bowling Green, FL 33834).

Paying Your Bill

The City of Bowling Green is now offering a convenient, no stress way for you to make your utility payments online! Please go to the link below and register today if you’d like to make your water bill payments online! Payment may be made using a credit or debit card for one-time payments and bank transfer for auto pay.

The phone number you call to pay your City Utility (Water) Bill pay-by-phone number is 863-375-2255. You can use this number right away to make payments.